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For over twenty-five years, the pros at the Data Media Source have been in the business of buying and selling data media. Our experience and single focus on data tape combined with our total investment in technology and resources make us the very best at what we do. We sell only through our reseller partners and do everything possible to help them sell more tape, more profitably.

Data Media Source stocks more tapes of all formats than anyone – LTO, TK, DLT, SuperDLT, 3480, 3490e, 3590, 3570, 9840, 9940, 3592, T10000, 4mm-DDS, 8mm, AIT, QIC, SLR, Travan, 9-track and more. We buy up excess inventories, closeouts, returns, etc. and offer our resellers pricing below the direct manufacturers making every order you place with us more profitable for you. If we have it, and we probably do, we will save you money and boost your income.

We have a huge inventory of all data tape formats, brands, categories and capacities at prices below wholesale.

Data Media Source will buy almost any new or used, excess and obsolete data media. We offer the highest recovery values and handle all the logistics, secure data destruction and compliance documentation. We make tape disposal a profitable experience for all.

We buy more kinds of more tapes for more money than anyone.

Data Media Source provides tape services to add value for tape users. We offer media labeling, testing, recycling, custom packaging, data destruction, format conversions, media buy back, packaging buy back, on-site library audits, trouble shooting, care and handling seminars, and much more!

Data Media Source offers the widest selection of value added data tape services to make every tape sale as complete and profitable as it can be.

We work to make every order you place with us more profitable for you and more pleasant for your customer. We exist only to help you sell more volume at higher profit margins.

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